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Skin Alarm Monitors

With sun related health concerns on the rise, you may be looking for a way to avoid the dangers of overexposure. Healthtronics Sunsafe has created UBSAFES, world-first U/V Skin Alarm Monitors. A certain degree of sun exposure is vital to maintaining sufficient vitamin D intake and overall good health. However, until now it has been virtually impossible to know just how much sun is needed for your particular skin type with or without a sun cream.

UBSAFE monitors accurately to calculate your skin's sun tolerance and will alert you when it is time to seek out shade. Our products are available for delivery right across the UK.

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UBSafe 1
The UBSafe 1 is for people with reasonable hearing for use in a non-noisy environment. It just pins ..
UBSafe 2
The new wearable sun alarm with earphone for your daily Vitamin D The UBSafe 2 is for people in ..
UBSafe 3
The new wearable industrial alarm to help outdoor workers avoid skin diseases. The UBSafe 3 is fo..
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