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UBSafe 2
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The new wearable sun alarm with earphone for your daily Vitamin D

The UBSafe 2 is for people in noisy environments or for the elderly who may have poor hearing, and also like all UBSafes helps them get their vitamin D. It is simply pinned onto the hat and then the earpiece is placed into the ear of choice.

Now you can help save your skin from accelerated skin ageing, sunburn, and skin cancer and also get your Vitamin D from the sun

Benefits a personal wearable ultraviolet 'B' monitor:

  • Water resistant
  • Solar powered - no batteries needed
  • Remembers your skin type and plays a warning tune when you have had enough sun
  • Recognises your unprotected skin
  • Helps you to limit the UV for your vitamin D
  • Always angled towards the sun
  • Made tough for kids and industry
  • Includes ear piece for the hard of hearing and noisy conditions


The best ultraviolet dose alarm monitor

This monitor has won the Australian Design Award, the ABC TV's New Inventor's Award, and the People's Choice Award.

Chosen as the best instrument by the Australian National University and the Cancer Council of Australia for their SEDS study on Vitamin D.


  • Computes your safe daily dose from past & present exposures & skin type
  • No expensive batteries because it is powered by the sun
  • A special angle in the case to ensure it is always in the sun, like your skin, whether you are standing, sitting, or lying down
  • It is designed to pin to your hat so it can't be shaded by your body and is always in sun
  • A musical alarm so you don't have to keep checking a display
  • Enables you to get your daily vitamin D
  • This instrument has alarm levels set for unprotected skin
  • Small and tough enough for children and industry to use
  • Researched, designed, and manufactured in Australia
  • You can wear your UBSafe anywhere doing anything in the sun
  • An earpiece for noisy conditions and the hard of hearing

A scientific instrument

Electronic engineers and a team of consultant dermatologists have carefully designed UBSafe to ensure you have the best scientific instrument for your environment.

Our design considerations

Our experiments have shown that any monitor, which is taped or worn on the body like a watch or necklace, is rarely angled directly at the sun continuously, and is easily shaded, so it is not a true monitor of the dangerous ultraviolet rays. Any monitor that does not have an alarm and relies on you looking at a display is inconvenient and can be dangerous. Monitors that are powered by batteries are poorly designed because they can fail while you are in the sun. UBSafe is powered by the sun and doesn't need batteries, it is designed to be pinned on a hat so is not shaded by any part of your body.

Reliable solar power

A 12-cell array has been specially designed to ensure the monitor always has power so it won't let you down. Each cell is a tiny sphere with a lens around it and regardless of UBSafe 2's angle to the sun the solar array always gives maximum power even on overcast days.

Special memory

UBSafe constantly stores each day's dose of the dangerous ultraviolet B rays in a special memory that matches your skin type, so it can compute a new dose limit the next day.

Memory switches

To help you further, we have included two switches at the end of the row of selection switches. M is for Main Memory and D is for Daily Memory. If you accidentally leave your UBSafe 2 in the sun while you are indoors you can remove the false dose by pressing the D button up and down which will erase your false dose for that day but will not affect your main memory. When you press the M and D switches up and down together all memory is erased and is ready to start storing a new profile. This is an excellent feature if you want to give your UBSafe 2 to another person.

Skin type sensitivity selection

To ensure the skin type settings are correct, we conducted an experiment over two days with the Department of Medicine at a local University in Western Australia.

This experiment resulted in a medical paper being written and the data from this paper was used to calibrate each skin type setting in the UBSafe 2.

Skin area exposed to the Sun

The unique angle at the top end of the UBSafe 2 ensures the ultraviolet sensor there detects the dangerous B rays even if you are walking (partial exposure to head, shoulders, feet) or lying down (maximum exposure). Thus UBSafe monitors the dangerous ultraviolet rays proportional to the skin area directly exposed to the sun whether you are vertical or prone.

Use risks

The UBSafe should not be used by people with poor hearing. They should buy the UBSafe 2.
UBSafes are not designed to be used in solariums.

Easy set up

The manual shows how to easily select your skin type. Simply slide one of the five skin switches forward and leave it there for as long as you use your UBSafe.

Our changing weather

The Ozone layer that protects us from the dangerous ultraviolet rays is thinning and scientists fear this will increase skin cancers. UBSafes have been designed to help you combat this new threat.

For your skin's sake please consider wearing the UBSafe whenever you are in the sun, gardening, working, playing sports, entertainment, etc.


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